Welcome back to the Ray Pest Control blog! It is hard to believe the hot weather is already here! Along with the return of the hot and humid temperatures here in Piedmont, everybody’s favorite summer pests will be returning, taking up residence in yards and homes. Some of North Carolina’s most active summertime pests and rodents include moths, weevils, mosquitos, spiders, beetles, ticks, bed bugs, and all those furry rodents like mice, skunks, squirrels, and moles. While you might be able to get rid of some of these pests on your own, you may require professional assistance from a pest control and pest removal team to completely eradicate your pest problem. If you plan on hiring a pest control company to tackle a pest or rodent infestation, here are some questions to consider when selecting a company. As always, you can count on Ray Pest Control to eliminate your pest problems safely and effectively. Please continue reading below to learn more!

Is the Company Licensed?

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services issues pest and rodent control licenses to companies who have obtained the proper training and certifications required to operate a pest control business. When doing your research, always make sure the pest control company you are looking to hire is certified and holds a current operator’s license issued by the state of North Carolina. If you are uncertain of whether or not a company is licensed, follow this link to access the NCDA&CS license search. Simply type in the company’s name to search for their license.

At Ray Pest Control, we are a fully licensed termite, rodent, and pest control company that actively participates in ongoing training for management, technicians, and support staff.

Is the Company Bonded and Insured?

Next, you will want to find out if a pest control company is bonded and insured. This is mandatory as it protects both the company and the customer from liabilities in the event of any loss or damage during a pest control treatment. The company and employees should be bonded and insured so that the company can reimburse you for any damages or losses caused to you or your property by the company or employee.

At Ray Pest Control, our company and employees are licensed and bonded so that we can continue providing excellent pest control services to those living and working in our North Carolina communities.  



Does the Company Guarantee Their Treatments?

This is important, as many pests can return if not treated correctly the first time. If the company cannot guarantee its work, you are better off going elsewhere. Because there have been incredible strides made in the methods and effectiveness of pest control, pest removal, and pest prevention, a company should be able to guarantee their services.

At Rat Pest Control, we offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee on the work we provide. If we can’t eliminate your pest and rodent problems, we will refund your money.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have a pest problem that needs to be eliminated by professionals, call Ray Pest Control today to request a free pest control quote. As a Top Rated Local® pest control company in Piedmont with more than 45 years of experience in the industry, you can always rely on our licensed, bonded, and insured pest removal technicians to provide friendly customer service and a 100 percent guarantee on all our pest control services. Call us today to schedule a consultation, and be sure to join us for part two of this short blog series, as we continue exploring more questions to ask when choosing a pest control company.